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Kendra E. Parris

Since the inception of Parris Law in 2016, Kendra has focused on civil proceedings that affect constitutional rights: risk protection orders (starting in 2018), mental health commitments under the Baker Act, and guardianships. She specializes in the intersection of Florida and federal constitutional rights and mental health policy, firearm law, and the collateral legal consequences of special statutory proceedings.

Before receiving her juris doctorate from The Florida State University College of Law, Kendra graduated summa cum laude with a BA in Philosophy, emphasizing logic and analytic theory. Recognizing that law evolves on a daily basis – much like medicine and technology – she devotes between 150-250 continuing legal education hours per year to stay abreast of changes in relevant legal doctrine and provide the most competent services to her clients. Since opening her practice in 2016, Kendra has devoted more than 1000 pro bono hours to at-need communities and clients.